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General Portfolio

Mary Adebayo

Artist Biography

Mary Adebayo is an artist and designer who was born in Nigeria and raised in Calgary Alberta. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the University of Calgary, graduated in 2022. Adebayo is a business owner, creative entrepreneur and an emerging artist who has exhibited her work in group exhibitions across Calgary. Adebayo is an interdisciplinary artist who has received awards and scholarships for her creative and academic achievement. She has worked as a fine artist, muralist, graphic designer, photographer and more and continues to create artwork within multiple artistic fields.

Artist Statement

Exploration, creativity, and imagination. These concepts are present in my work as I pursue self-discovery through my artistic endeavours. With every piece of art I produce, I want to keep learning and exploring new ideas. While I have the chance to fully immerse myself in my own creative process, wherever it leads me, I want to learn as much as I can.

Untitled design-2_edited.jpg


Name and Contact Information

Anjolaoluwa Mary Adebayo

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Educational Experience

2022    University of Calgary, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Awards, Grants, Scholarships

2018    Jason Lang Scholarship

2020    Nigerian Student Association Achievement Award

2021    Yoruba Youth Foundation


Selected Group Exhibitions

2018    ART 271 Introduction to printmaking 

2019    ART 233, University of Calgary Little Gallery, Calgary, AB.

2021    ART 465 Topics in Studio Research and Critique II

2022    ART 565 Studio Research and Critique


Art Related Professional Experience

2016    Art teacher -  Southgate Baptist Church (Volunteer).    

2019    Social Director - Yoruba Youth Foundation. Calgary, AB.

2020    Sculptor - Newgate Baptist Church, Calgary, AB.

2021    Creator and Contributor - Canva, online template design, stock photography and illustration.

2021    Helping artist - Crossroads Community Association, Calgary, AB (Volunteer).

2021    Founder, owner, artist and designer - mary_only_mary, photography_only_photography, Calgary, AB.

2021    Creator and Contributor - Canva.

2021    Logo Designer - Yoruba Youth Foundation, Calgary, AB.

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